BREATHING WATER  - a sound piece by
Felicia Konrad David Carlsson Mats Persson Tina Quartey

Our ongoing sound piece BREATHING WATER, which received project development support from @malmökulturstöd,
focus on that 2 out of 3 breaths = oxygen coming from plants in the Oceans, that our lungs are composed by 85 % of water,
and that we breathe out 0,5 -1 liter of water a day.  Since January 2021 we have been working with field recordings above and under the surface in the waters of The Sound (Öresund), Malmö, Sweden, and improvisational composition in the Yellow Studio, Malmö.

The whole piece is collectively discussed and processed, step by step. And so we will continue! Listen to a playlist on Spotify


Ocean - Vibrating the Connection 

Single out 29/10 2021

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Youtube 2 

  1. Ocean - Vibrating the Connection (8.40)
    (Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina Quartey)

  2. Ocean - Vibrating the Connection radio edit (3.42) (Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina Quartey)

Breathing Water Ambient (Mats Persson) 

Single out 26/11 2021   Bandcamp  Spotify         Youtube

5. Breathing Water Ambient (3.04)

(Mats Persson electronica)

The Sound
Single out 12/11
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   3. The Sound (10.14)

   (Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson,
   Mats Persson, Tina Quartey)

6. Can The  Ocean Die? (9.29)

(Mats Persson, Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Tina Quartey)

7. Shoreline Walk West Harbour (13.30)  (David Carlsson, Felicia Konrad)

8. The Storm (3.59)

(Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina Quartey)

9. 1 ship comes loaded 1 of 40 000 yearly in The Sound (underwater pollution) (7.40)

(Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Tina Quartey, Mats Persson)

Breathing Water Deep (David Carlsson)

Single out 26/11 2021

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4. Breathing Water Deep (3.38) 

(David Carlsson, solo bass)