Breathing Water is a sound art project with a core in the fact that actually, it is 2 out of 3 breaths of the oxygen on Earth coming from the Oceans, not as commonly mentioned 1 out of 2 breaths. We here refer to the marine biologist, scientist, and diver Michael Palmgren that has the past 45 years worked with, and in The Sound/Öresund, Sweden, and is leading the project with education; Ocean Literacy, at Marine Knowledge Center, in Malmö, Sweden. ...And also; our bodies are composed by water, our lungs about 83 %.  -We are born in water and when we die our cells go back

to water.  

Since January 2021 we have been working with field recordings above and under the surface in the waters of The Sound (Öresund), Malmö, Sweden, and improvisational composition in the Yellow Studio, Malmö.
In this work the lead inspiration is also; To become with; "Becoming involves a metaphysics that is grounded in connection, challenging delusions of separation. Donna Haraway tells us that “If we appreciate the foolishness of human exceptionalism then we know that becoming is always becoming with, in a contact zone where the outcome, where who is in the world, is at stake.”

From the end of October 2021, we are now finally putting the pieces together and start presenting the whole piece Breathing Water with singles one by one online on digital platforms.  

The next step is to work with the piece making it possible for installation in a room or outdoor, and also try different versions that can work for us to perform and play together with the piece. Our goal is also to develop a version that can be installed in a sound shower outside, especially one part of the piece is on our minds for that. And if it is possible we would love to be able to install it and program it with algorithms! 

Important to mention is that we have been and that we are still processing the situation with sound pollution in The Sound/Öresund.

It became a chock to us how fast the sound moves; 1500 m/s, and how high the sounds are from big ships and from the motorboats.
To learn more, we contacted scientists working with marine acoustic knowledge and found out that their work is often focused on measuring different sounds, and in a way try to understand how it affects the marine life underwater. And the scientist working with investigating the population of porpoises in the Sound/Öresund just works with the locating of them and does not record their sound.
- For us that are focused on the listening and the wholeness of the musical aspect, it was overwhelming to find out and listen to a sound environment with a completely different resonance. Some parts of this were really painful. 
We will keep on recording underwater and processing so that we can handle this with care and reshape it to sound art.
We feel that it is important also because of the romantic general notion of how people belives that the underwater soundscape sounds. 

Background Info

BREATHING WATER springs from, and is connected with the intuitive art project I STILL LIVE IN WATER, initially starting with a collaboration in the exhibition Amniotic Fluid/I Still LIve in Water, 2018, at Tomelilla Art Hall that wanted to have a sound piece for their audio logs, making the exhibition available for blind and visually impaired. The result became the sound piece WATER DIALOGUES by Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, and Tina Quartey. Water Dialogues was also exhibited outdoor, at Malmö Art Museum in the summer of 2020, as an extension

of the exhibition Shape Shifters. Malmö Art Museum also gave us the assignment to create a live performance concert, it became;  
Body of Water, which we performed outdoor at Malmö Art Museum on the 16th of August, 2020. Water Dialogues are also exhibited at Gibca Extended 2/10-7/11 2021, at Tjörns Municipality together with the award-winning film Precious Balance Walk, by I Still Live in Water.  

During the work with the coming piece Breathing Water, there was a need of building an independent web page that still is connected with
I Still Live in Water, and we also choose to become a band, and with the same name as the sound piece, to prepare for the future when we will perform the piece live.

BREATHING WATER the sound piece is supported with project development support by  


   Tina Quartey, David Carlsson, Mats Persson, Felicia Konrad photo Johan Haugen

      Documentation of  Live Performance Concert; Body of Water, Malmö Art Museum, 16/8, 2020. Mats Persson, Tina Quartey, David Carlsson, Felicia Konrad


  2021 Gibca Extended, Tjörns Municipality
  Water Dialogues

  2020 Malmö Art Museum,

  Water Dialogues 
  2018 Tomelilla Art Hall; Water Dialogues



  2021 Ljudkullen, Malmö Sommarscen:

  Water Dialogues but also the pieces;            Love is an Ocean/Cosmic Wash Over,
  Blue Sky Rain Falls II/Trapets


  Live Performance Concerts

  2020 Malmö Art Museum: Body of Water